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Working From Home Mom Talks on Beginners Making Money Online

If you have ever been told that you cannot make money on the Internet as a beginner then you have been misled. There are marketing product systems that are turnkey or ready to go out of a box that are very good, authentic and with excellent staff support. And that is often what is best for a beginner to make money online in a realistic timeline.

I saw the statements about beginners not making it everywhere when I first started. I mean sure I had people telling me that I could get rich overnight (not true) but you would be surprised how many times I saw people talking about beginners failing. I can't tell you how discouraged I was with this one statement especially because I had not been doing so well at the time, and had not made any money at this point.

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Stay Focused, Determined and Consistent

At one point we are all beginners on the Internet, even the big names like the Frank Kern's and Mike Filsaimes, and John Reese's of the world all were beginners at one point. Heck, I was totally computer illiterate. All I knew how to do was check my email, instant message and write a Microsoft word document. My point is don't let other people try and discourage you from making money online, because you just have to have the right information and a determined mindset.

Remember you are starting a business and there are things you need to learn to be able to generate an income online. Stay focused and determined and eventually all of it will come together.

I started as a newbie by going to YouTube and watching affiliate marketing videos. I saw sales styles I liked and lots I didn’t. I followed the ones who seemed like they had it together. I emulated their sales styles.

Master The Basics First

Then I went to JVZoo and watched for a few weeks. Every week they rank to top 10 most successful programs.

I suffered from what I’ve heard called “the shiny object syndrome” meaning I heard about the latest and greatest product and I had to have it!

What I finally learned was you need a few very necessary things. You need a website or blog page like Wordpress, an autoresponder, a sales funnel, a high converting offer and a tracking tool. I needed all these things in one program and someone to set it up for me.

I wish someone had bluntly told me these things right up front. It would have saved me lots of effort and failing with products that had some of these options, but not all of them and lots of money.

I finally found my current program. It has put all of these pieces together for me and I’m seeing success.

About Author: Andrea Fiore
Hey!  I first started my affiliate marketing journey sometime in 2016 when I stumbled across dozens of the stereotypical "make money online" products.  At first, I ignored them because they had to be scams but, because I was hopeful and needed to make extra money from home, I finally decided to take a look...
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