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My 10 Best Tips to Correctly Evaluate Online Money-Making Business Opportunities

As a stay at home mom, I looked at a lot of different avenues. What I found was that there are many, but keep in mind you will spend a little money to get started and it will take some time usually before you see a profit. Here are some ideas for you.

And these are especially relevant during these Covid-19 times. Many of us are out of work, or work part-time or work from home and need additional income. I hope the following helps you pursue your goals to work from home or to earn additional income.

1. Blogging

This one takes some creativity, and you will need to study the process, set up a good Wordpress blog site and select the topics to write on that you or others recommend can be utilized for making money from running Adsense, advertising Amazon products or other revenue streams.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a lot like blogging — you need a product or topic niche, and you need to invest in creating engaging videos (which can be done cheaply through  Then you need to make sure to add a link to the product you are promoting in the YouTube description box below your video. Many have been extremely successful with their own YouTube channels by promoting popular products and receiving commissions.

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3. Work-From-Home Sites

You can do a search for these, they are usually data entry, word proofing, or calling center jobs. There's a few more, but that covers the majority. For this type of work you will need a dedicated phone line, a certain type of phone, a headset and a good running computer. Don't forget the quiet area in your home to do your work in. These jobs give you some flexibility, but not a lot.

4. Direct Sales Or Online Marketing

Despite what people think, this is where our industry is going and for those who are driven enough, they can make it work. But you need to know what you are passionate about, before you go diving in. I have some helpful tips for that below.

First, decide if you want to do something that has inventory or no inventory. What I do has no inventory I’m responsible for. The companies I work with hold the inventory (Amazon, for example). Also, figure out what you are passionate about. For instance, I wear makeup, but I'm not passionate about it. I am passionate about outdoor wear for women and kids. So, that becomes one of my affiliate marketing niches. Just make sure your niche is not so specific that you do not have a enough interested customers to promote your product to.

This will help you decide which way to go.

Things to look for: (good questions to research about a company when choosing their product to promote)

1. How long have they been around?

It's better to get involved with a company that is in momentum, rather than one that is just starting out. The risk will be lower.

2. What kind of growth has the company had?

3. What products do they offer?

This falls in the above piece, what products do they offer? Is it in line with what you are passionate about? Is it a product, opportunity or service?

4. Be sure to connect with other affiliates promoting the product, if possible, to get their feedback.

5. How does the company practice?

This is good to know. Do they say: “Post about the product and company all over your social media?” Or do they want you to build relationships and follow social media rules, which is a no-spam policy. Do they hold their reps or business owners to strict guidelines?

6. Do they believe in building relationships or pushing product?

This goes in line with the above. Any good company will not expect you to shove product/opportunity/service down people's throat, instead they will instead encourage you to build relationships with people.

7. Do they treat social media like social media or do they run sells ads all the time?

Any good company does not believe in allowing affiliates to spam their social media with products or wrongful promises of income. The reason for this is because social media has a strict rule about that, that most people ignore.

8. Does the company believe in their reps making income claims or not?

No good company will ever allow their reps to make any kind of income claims. Why? Because realistically you can't promise someone income based on work they won't do. A person has to work to get the income and this might mean building skills they may not have first. Too many people get the wrong idea and think they can sit back and let everyone else do the work.

9. What kind of training does the company offer?

Huge huge huge! A good company will provide you with multiple opportunities to train, including giving you access to training tools.

10. Do you have access to the other people in your company?

It is important to have access to mentors, who can guide you when you are starting out, so that is something important to look for.

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Hey!  I first started my affiliate marketing journey sometime in 2016 when I stumbled across dozens of the stereotypical "make money online" products.  At first, I ignored them because they had to be scams but, because I was hopeful and needed to make extra money from home, I finally decided to take a look...
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