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Cindy Sullivan

Hey!  My name is Andrea.  I first started my affiliate marketing journey sometime in 2016 when I stumbled across dozens of the stereotypical "make money online" products.  

At first, I ignored them because they had to be scams but, because I was hopeful and needed to make extra money from home, I finally decided to take a look.

Nothing is what it seems online!

The biggest problem I faced was that whichever product I bought, products that promised to show me how make money online, turned out to be either a complete scam or failed to live up to their hype.

The sales pages were so deceiving and misleading and they always promised WAY more than they delivered.

I found myself in a continuous loop of buying product after product after product, never really getting anywhere. I became a collector of products, desperately trying one after the next, hoping that one would strike gold.

After two years I still had NOT made a single commission or sale!

No one to trust online

It became painfully obvious that no one actually wanted to help me make money online. They only wanted my email address so they could spam my inbox with more worthless products.

Once I parted with my money, the rug was pulled from underneath the flashy sales pages and promises of easy money, and I was left empty-handed.

The so-called "gurus" out there have ruthless and psychologically triggered sales pages that will trick even the most the most sensible person to purchase their product.

The journey to success is NEVER easy and anyone who wants to generate a monthly income online HAS to be willing to learn and be willing to do some hard work. I was willing to do both, but didn't know where to start or who to trust.

My Breakthrough

After 4 years of trial and error I finally discovered the 3-Step System for making real money online. Now I spend far less time in stress and overwhelm and more time doing those things that build my business (and trying to squeeze as many extra hours into the day as possible)!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about online marketing and I'll do my best to help!