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7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Best for Making Money Online – My Experience

As you probably know already, affiliate marketing is the most used method of online marketing. You can work from home and supplement your job’s income, make income during the Coronavirus pandemic, or be your own boss and start your own business.

Affiliate marketing is great in 2020, as long as your product/solution/service is relevant within the target audience and niche, affiliate marketing as well as referral programs will still be a thing and profitable in 2020. The reason most affiliate marketing programs don't work is because they're irrelevant, too pushy or sales-y.

Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is so Rewarding

1.) People are buying things online more than ever and it will continue to increase.

2.) Affiliate Marketing is worth $12 Billion globally.

3.) Fast growth - since 2015 affiliate programs has a 10% growth annually.

4.) 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing - lots of potential for affiliates.

5.) 35% of all affiliates earn over $20,000

6.) No cap on how much money you can make

7.) There are full turnkey systems that are like opening an affiliate marketing franchise. You’re up and running with an investment, then build your business by bringing traffic to the stores you represent.

About 80% of affiliate programs worldwide operate on a commission-per-sale basis, 19% on cost-per-action (CPA), and the rest on methods such as cost-per-click.

Super Affiliate Network

How much money can I make?

You as an affiliate refer customers to a specific web site to buy products or services that the web site offers for online sale. You are driving traffic to an ecommerce site. If the customer buys some of the goods from the recommended site, the affiliate partner will receive a commission on each product sold.

You can earn money in more than one way using affiliate marketing, and the most common one is to represent the partner's links on your website, which is driving traffic to the site. Every sale that was made through that link will generate a commission.

The commission percentage is usually defined in advance. To make the highest commission possible, you should concentrate on promoting quality products and services or the ones related to your business.

Things to Note

Another important thing is to be moderate when making promotional content. Also, make sure to use the social network for advertising. Forced advertising won't be well-received as incredible by probably everyone.

It is essential to approach affiliate promotion naturally and authentically.

This type of marketing is an affordable way for beginners and more seasoned using the internet to make money to experiment with product advertising and traffic generation.

​Final Note

And the final answer to question what is affiliate marketing is patience. You must be patient when it comes to achieving goals using affiliate marketing strategies.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that no matter what you go on to — Amazon affiliate, e-commerce shopping site, etc. — the skills you learned are transferable.

Affiliate marketing has grown so significant in today’s world (including during the global pandemic) that, just like franchises, there are full turnkey business in a box opportunities that are now proven over several years of performance. Starting a business takes money — it is not going to come for free. And sometimes, going the turnkey route is really the fastest, surest way to build an income through online marketing while learning the ins and outs of the online marketing business.

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Hey!  I first started my affiliate marketing journey sometime in 2016 when I stumbled across dozens of the stereotypical "make money online" products.  At first, I ignored them because they had to be scams but, because I was hopeful and needed to make extra money from home, I finally decided to take a look...
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